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What Are You Reading?

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Happy Freya’s Day, everyone! It’s that time again…what are you reading this week? Me, I’m finally getting around to reading an actual, straight-on fantasy. Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy. Guess what? I’m loving it, so far. It’s really a fun read, with fantastic world-building, though I think it could possibly take me the rest of my natural life to finish it. The first book, itself, is very long, as are the other two in the trilogy, which I downloaded in a “combo-pack.” I’ll be reviewing it when I finish, of course…if I can still remember how to type by then. 😉

Your turn! What are you reading? Inquiring minds wanna know, as always!


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10 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. Sounds cool, I love fantasy! 🙂
    I’m reading Never Fear by Scott Frost, a detective novel, and am hoping to start working on Only the Innocent by Rachel Abbott soon.


    • Hi, Callum! Always good to hear from you. I haven’t read many detective novels lately, so I’m taking notes, here. And if you love fantasy, Brandon Sanderson might be right up your alley. A world of allomancers (who can do pretty interesting things with metals they ingest), an enslaved population known as the skaa, an evil overlord known as (ready?) the Lord Ruler, a young girl who is just beginning to discover her powers, a young man who is dissatisfied with the world as it is, and various assorted and sundry plots to overthrow those in power. LOTS going on, here. You should definitely consider adding it to your TBR list. 🙂


  2. The book you’re reading sound pretty interesting!

    I’m currently reading The Soul by S.R.Carrillo 🙂


    • Thanks, Mishka. Taking note, as always. And Mistborn is very interesting, indeed. (See my response to Callum, above). I am not sure at ALL how this is going to end, but so far, the ride has been a lot of fun. Check it out! And thanks for stopping by. It’s always a pleasure to see you. 🙂


  3. I’m reading two YAs–The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf; Ambelin Kwaymullina–about a girl from a tribe of Illegals (people with powers) who’s been captured and interrogated to give up her people’s secrets.

    And The Looking Glass Wars; Frank Beddor, about the real Alice in Wonderland–Alyss Heart, heir to the throne, fighting the current Queen, Redd, who killed Alyss’ parents and stole the crown.

    Funny how sometimes the books you’re reading have things in common. 🙂


    • Hi, Caitlin! Both of those sound fun. I’ll be waiting to see how you review them, and in the meantime, they’re going on my list. Sooooooooooo many books!!! So very little time. I just talked to a woman this afternoon who works locally and who read Wake-Robin Ridge recently. She was begging me to hurry up with the sequel. It felt great, but now I’ve come home and thrown the groceries into the pantry willy-nilly, so I can sit down and keep writing. My own reading time is disappearing more and more every day. 😦 I’ve got to work out a way to budget my time better. ESPECIALLY if I’m going to read all these gigantic books, like Mistborn. I’ll never finish them at the rate I’m going. 😯

      Hope you enjoy your two YA’s. I’m guessing this means you didn’t read Skin Game or Summoned yet?


      • I did read Summoned, actually, because it was short and on my Kindle. I saw what you meant about the gratuitous sex, but the concept was cool. A bit Deus ex machina at the end, though.

        Skin Game will be soon, after I read a few more purchases from my kindle–I realized I had about a half dozen new releases unread I needed to get to first.


        • I ended up really loving Summoned, though I’m not sure why. Dim was totally unlikable in so many ways, and the sex was just so blatant and, at first, so unloving. I’m not real interested in that much detail, especially without any emotional connection. But in the context of the story, it ended up making sense, somehow. All I know is I kept reading, not sure why, and then suddenly it connected like a freight train, and I just couldn’t read fast enough to see what was going to happen. It was a very unusual story, with a most unusual djinn.

          I’m dying for you to read Skin Game. You really MUST. Soon. 🙂


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