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Thank you to our 31 May Poetry Series poets!

I was so pleased to be included in this collection. Wonderful job, SBP, with something for everyone!

Author Interviews

Wrote a Book? Let’s Talk!

Talking to Mishka about her triple releases made me realize I needed to post again about author interviews here on Bookin’ It. If you are a published author, and especially (but not limited to) an independently published author, you know how important looking for exposure is. I am currently scheduling interviews from now through December, so I’d love to hear from you if you are interested.

Remember, you need to email me privately at in order to get all the information you need, and to set up a date. This blog is growing, and every single person who reads about you and your books is a potential reader/buyer who knows other potential reader/buyers. Let’s tell them what you are doing. Not only is it good press for your work, it’s fun! Most readers enjoy learning a bit about how authors work, and they certainly love hearing about new books. So…what are you waiting for? Email me! Let’s talk!

It’s here! Release day!!

Check out Mishka’s page for information on her new releases. THREE books at once! You go, girl! Proud of you!

A Writer's Life For Me.

This is it… This is really it!

My books are out there, they have been released into the world.

And I think I’m about ready to explode with excitement and nervousness all at the same time 😀 Months and months of work and there they are… out for sale!!

Before doing all the release links and things, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone of the blogging and writing community.

When I started this journey, I wanted to connect with others who are going through the same process. And I did, but I also found so many great people who are supportive and genuine in their want to help others succeed in this tough world of books and writing! Every time I’ve asked for help or advice, you guys have been there!

Thank you!

Queen'sJesterCoverThe Queen’s Jester
Fantasy romance.


View original post 1,193 more words

What Are You Reading?


Happy Freya’s Day! And you know what Fridays are around here…why, What Are You Reading Day, of course! As usual, inquiring minds wanna know!

If you were visiting here at any time on Monday, you can probably guess what I’M reading…Skin Game, of course. Catching up with what the heck is happening in Harry Dresden’s ever-expanding world of madness, mayhem, and things that go bump in the night. Our Wizard, who has become so much more than just that, is in a mess once again, thanks to Mab, the Winter Queen of the Fae, and all-around cold-hearted, tough as nails, bad-ass ruler of her realm. Now that she has made Harry her Winter Knight, he has no choice but to obey her every command, grumbling and snarking every step of the way as he may. Between her and that parasitic thing he has growing in his head, Harry is changing. And some of his friends aren’t sure it’s in a good way. The book is EXCELLENT so far, and the only bad thing about reading it is that once I’m done, I’ll be waiting another LONG year  or more for the next one. Oh, that Jim Butcher torments his fans so!

Now, your turn. What are YOU reading this week. I’m sitting here, pencil in hand, ready to take notes. Let us hear from you! 🙂

Swamp Ghosts Cover Reveal for Print Book!


(Click for Closer View of Details)

Okay, I ask you…how lucky am I to have a Graphic Design Goddess as my very, very good friend and cohort? No matter what I ask for, she can do it! I’m so tickled with this layout of the cover for my print version of Swamp Ghosts, I can’t tell you! Okay, I CAN tell you. And I am. I’m ecstatic! I’m finishing up the final formatting details on the book today, and then I’ll be uploading to CreateSpace. If all goes well, I could be ordering my proofs in a day or so. Once I approve those, the book will go live on amazon in no time at all. So all you good folks out there who prefer not to read eBooks will have access to it. And for those of you who do just fine with eBooks…well, why wait? Here you go: Swamp Ghosts 

Wednesday Author Interview: Deborah Brown


My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Today, I’d like to welcome cozy mystery author Deborah Brown to Bookin’ It. Deborah’s Paradise Mysteries are so much fun, and I especially love them because they are set in south Florida, and make me feel right at home as soon as I open the covers! Thank you for being here, Deborah. I appreciate your taking the time to talk to us today.


1. Deborah, can you tell us a bit about how you became a writer. When did you decide that’s what you wanted to be, and what steps did you take to prepare for a writing career?  Read more…

Thank You, Anna Celeste Burke!

Summer Magic_

This is why I love writers so much! They support and sustain each other, learn from each other, offer advice to each other, and sometimes, when you are very lucky, write reviews that sound like this one, which Celeste posted on amazon for my little chapbook, Summer Magic: Poems of Life and Love. How wonderful to read this and imagine my words inspiring such a response. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Celeste. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your posting this. I’m ridiculously happy, and I’m going to share your the entire review so my followers can see why:

“Summer is magic! If you want another way to experience a bit of that magic I invite you to read Marcia Meara’s recently released book of poetry, Summer Magic: Poems of Life and Love. It’s a perfect read for a languid summer’s day or a long weekend like this one. Taking a breather from grilling and eating, reading the book is like dangling your toes in a cool, rippling brook. It’s not just her poems that reflect the childhood joy of plunging into cool green waters from a “Rope Swing,” or the ‘drip-drip’ of “Showers” on a rainy day that will give you that creekside, summer experience. “Summer Magic” the first poem, and the one that gives the book its title, is awash in words that conjure summer. My favorite lines from the poem:

There! A thin curve of molten red!
A far away sliver of fiery light
Breaks the horizon.

Part One of the book, “Mac at 10,” contains poems celebrating summer from the vantage point of MacKenzie Cole, lead character in Marcia Meara’s wonderful book, Wake-Robin Ridge. As you can imagine, from the glimpse of her poetry provided here, setting matters. In both Wake-Robin Ridge and her new book, Swamp Ghosts, she brings her poetic bent to bear on her story telling.

My favorite of the poems in this part of the book is “Star-Gazing.” Even though I’m still a little annoyed that my late-night effort to catch a meteor-shower this week was such a bust! The “Giraffes” meteor shower was slated to rival Perseid, the meteor shower featured in Marcia’s poem that occurs each August. Perseid has no rival, trust me. Still, star-gazing was a favorite teenage pastime and this poem evoked fond memories of times in my life when I was privileged to witness sky-borne wonders.

Part two of Summer Magic, “Poems of Life and Love,” presents more adult-themed visions of summer. Especially poignant are images of summer waning, as we are dragged, sometimes kicking and screaming into fall, and other seasons of our lives. I love the meter of the first poem in part two, “On the River,” the moody tone of “The Last Rose,” and the wanton disregard for structure in “Attitude Really is Everything.” So true, btw! Here’s to Summer Magic, in Marcia Meara’s book, or wherever we may find it.”

You can find Anna Celeste Burke’s books on amazon:

A Dead Husband

A Dead Sister

Giveaway Problem Happily Resolved!

Winner stamp

So happy to report that my Romanian follower was able to download his copy of Skin Game this morning. He discovered that he could charge the book on his own credit card, and then redeem his gift card from me against that. So we may have a workaround for international folks. I am very happy about this, as I want ALL of my followers (and visitors) to be able to participate in my Monday Giveaways. I’m so glad we didn’t give up on this, and were able to work it out. Someone far wiser than I once said, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and by golly, in this case for sure, it worked. Marjma, perhaps this will work for you, as well?

Have a great day, everyone. Keep on keepin’ on! It’s all you can do, and you never know when the rewards are going to fall into your lap. Besides, the pleasure is in the journey, right? Takes a few years to figure that out, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Happy Tewe’s Day!

Wake-Robin Ridge is FREE Today Only!


Now’s your chance to read my Romantic Suspense novel, Wake-Robin Ridge, for free! Grab it while you can. Offer good today only! Find out why Sarah Gray leaves her dead-end job in Florida and moves to a deserted cabin in the mountains. Find out why her nearest neighbor, MacKenzie Cole, lives alone on top of the mountain, with only his Irish wolfhound for company. Find out what happened in Sarah’s cabin nearly fifty years earlier, and why it impacts her life, and her relationship with Mac, all these decades later. And then, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t read this sooner! 🙂 Seriously, hope some of you will take advantage of this free promo and download a copy today. And then, I hope you’ll enjoy the book enough to leave me a positive review on amazon, so it will move ahead in the ranking. Reviews are critical to the success of a book, and mean so much to an author…even well-established ones. And they mean even more to us new writers. So…what are you waiting for? Go get your download right away! And happy reading!

Wake-Robin Ridge: A Darcy’s Corner Novel

Two Winners of Skin Game…Sort Of!


After much sturm und drang for half the afternoon, and carefully reading instructions on amazon, I sent my winner (in Romania) a gift card so he could download Skin Game. It still isn’t working. (You were right, Marjma…it’s a pain!) I’m still working with him to get him his copy, but by golly, I wanted someone to be smiling TODAY, so I went for the next entrant in line, who was here in the U. S., and Joe, I hope you will enjoy this book every bit as much as I expect to! Congratulations!!

As for getting the first book to Romania…well…I’ve always wanted to see Vlad Dracul’s castle. Maybe hand delivery would be a good option! 😀

Stay tuned to see what’s being given away next week. It won’t always be a brand new release. It might be a classic from decades ago, or a best seller from last year. Any genre, and year, any style…all fair game for Monday giveaways. So, check it out!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this event. If I don’t have a sure-fire way to get downloads off to my international friends by next Monday, I’ll have to limit the contest to folks here in the United States, but I hope that won’t be the case. I’d like everyone to have a chance!

A Possible Solution to the Giveaway Problem

Okay, working on this. My winner is in another country, and I have already found out, you can’t gift a Kindle download to other countries. But it says on amazon that you CAN give a digital gift card, so I’m making sure this will work for my EXTREMELY excited winner.

However, in the interest of fairness, and because I want immediate gratification, too, I’m also going to give away a free download to the next entrant in line who lives in the U. S. (I’ll be emailing you shortly.) When I have definite answers, I’ll post again. And believe me, I will figure out the way to make this happen more easily next time. I never thought about international complications, I guess, thinking we are all connected these days. Obviously, some restrictions still apply. But I WILL have two happy winners today, before I’m done!

And thanks again for such an enthusiastic response.

And We Have a Winner! Probably.

I say probably because I need to verify the location of the winning email. I’m still having some trouble getting free downloads to people in England. 😦 So bear with me while I confirm my winner’s location. If I’m not able to get a download to her, I’ll try another approach for her, and give a download to my second place entrant. (Why does amazon make it so hard, at times? I just want to have a nice, simple contest and make someone happy. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask, does it?)

I’ll be reporting in very shortly, I hope, and let you know and THANK YOU ALL so much for your participation. This Giveaway had the biggest response of any I’ve done, so that just proves what I’ve been saying for years: Jim Butcher ROCKS! And by extension, so does Harry Dresden!! Hands down, the best Urban Fantasy series anywhere!

Monday Giveaway Day: Skin Game by Jim Butcher


Be the first to email me today AFTER 3:00PM eastern standard time, and receive a free download of Jim Butcher’s new release, Skin Game. This is the long awaited next book in my favorite urban fantasy series, The Dresden Files. You KNOW you want this one. Set your timers and alarm clocks! Email me! The first to ask WINS! And remember the Monday Motto: Free Is Good! 🙂

Lovely Memorial Day/Summer Magic Post


Anna Celeste Burke’s Memorial Day post includes some lovely words about my chapbook, Summer Magic: Poems of Life and Love. Her post is just a beautiful tribute to summer, all the way around. Hope you’ll check it out.

Summer Magic Beckons! Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!


Please don’t forget to honor our fallen heroes today, the ones who sacrificed all for our country! Have loads of fun with your families, fire up the grill, and enjoy your day. But save a moment for a prayer or two for those in whose memory we celebrate this holiday!

Sunday’s Blogger of the Week: Blog Woman!!!

Blogger of the Week

With THREE, count ’em, THREE, exclamation points! And Blog Woman deserves every one of them. I “met” this wonderful blogger during the #mywritingprocess blog tour a couple of weeks ago, and I’m so glad I did. Her blog is just fantastic. Please stop by and check it out. Her current post, Songs of Small Town Mothers and Daughters, is so beautifully written, I’ll confess, it made me cry. (Don’t give that too much importance, though. Mark says I cry at K-Mart openings!) But it IS a beautiful and poignant story of perseverance and triumph. It reminds me that we should never forget that every day is a new beginning, and a chance to do it all better.

Please visit Blog Woman today, and tell her I said hi! 🙂

Blog Woman!!!

Update on My Cardinal Babies

Baby Cardinals in my confederate jasmine vine. Just for fun! 🙂

Who's Your Granny?

Posted a picture two weeks or so ago showing Mama Cardinal sitting on her nest in my jasmine vine. The vine is on a trellis at the end of my screen porch, so we have to take pictures through the screen. I apologize for the quality, but I’m not going to come at her the other way and scare her. Last weekend, Mark managed to get pics of two babies, reaching for food. Thought you might enjoy them. I sure do.


Needless to say, my poor cats have been banned from the back porch until the babies fledge. No glaring through the screen at them with their big, cat eyes! 🙂 They are not happy kitties, but they’ll survive. It won’t be a lot longer before the babies are leaving the nest. Sadly, baby birds fledge before they can fully fly, and spend a few days, running, hopping, and taking…

View original post 77 more words

Clarification on the Author Interview Process

How To Contact Me

Just to clarify, since I seem to have confused a few people, there are NO Author Interview questions posted on this site. If you’d like to be interviewed, you need to email me directly, so I can explain how I’m doing it, and so I can send you the list of questions. It’s really not hard. You can always find my email under the Contact Me header, and if that’s not working for you, here it is:  If you would like to do one of my Wednesday interviews, just email me. That’s it. See? Easy! (It’s the same thing you do if you want to win a copy of one of my Monday Giveaway books.)

Hope this makes it more clear. Now. If you are a published, or soon-to-be published, author, I’d love to feature YOU one Wednesday. A free chance to promote your books and tell us a bit about yourself and your writing process. Email me:

My Interview With Wetknee Books


Sharing my interview with Wetknee Books with those of you who might enjoy it. I thought the questions were very well thought out, and I had a lot of fun trying to stick to the “one paragraph” rule! Ha. (Hey, she never mentioned how LONG the paragraphs could be! 😀 ) Hope you’ll stop by and check it out, and while you’re there, take a look around the rest of the site, and sign up for Anna or Aimee’s Mail List, too.

Wetknee Books Interview With…ME!

A Last Chuckle Before Bedtime

Let me introduce you to my new dog.
His name is Swiffer. 😀



Looking For Authors!


If you are a published (or soon to be published) author, and would like to be featured in one of my Wednesday Author Interviews, please let me know. You can comment here, if you have questions, or email me privately (Contact Info at the top of the page). It’s quick, easy, and fun, and you can answer the list of questions at your convenience, and email them back to me. Come on…you know you wanna! 🙂 And we all want to get to know you and your work better!

Friday: What Are You Reading?


Today is What Are You Reading Day, as always. Inquiring minds wanna know. Let us hear from you. (Some of us take notes, you know. 🙂 )

I’m reading several things at once, this week. Just finished the first two books in the Nora Roberts Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy, am working on Dana Mason’s Dangerous Embrace, and Anna Celeste Burke’s A Dead Sister. Will be reviewing the O’Dwyer books soon, and hoping to wrap up the others before long. I’ve got Skin Game coming next week, and nothing shall get between me and Harry Dresden! Nothing, I say! 🙂

Your turn. What are you reading?

Bonus Author Interview: Anna Celeste Burke

So happy to have Anna Celeste Burke with us today. Anna is the author of the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Series, and a real nice gal, too. I know you’ll enjoy meeting her this morning. Please feel free to comment below, and ask any questions of Anna Celeste you might have. She’ll answer, I promise.


Anna Celeste Burke: Thanks for featuring me on your lovely, blog, Marcia! It’s an honor to be interviewed by such a delightful author. I enjoyed reading Wake Robin Ridge and Swamp Ghosts very much.

Bookin’ It: Thank you, Celeste, and I will return the compliment. I enjoyed A Dead Husband, too. It was one of my first cozy mysteries, and a lot of fun to read. Tell us how long you’ve been writing. Read more…

One More THOR’S DAY Joke Before Bedtime!

This one makes me laugh way more than it should. It just looks so funny. Of course, if you’re not OLD enough to remember Forest Gump (and some of you aren’t), you might not get the reference. But the picture is pretty funny, even without the caption, I think.


Another THOR’S DAY Joke

This is the funniest dog joke I’ve seen in a long time. I simply cannot stop laughing at the face on this dog. I dare you to say it didn’t make you laugh. I just dare you! 😀



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