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What Are You Reading?


Well, it’s that time again.  Exactly every…ummm…well, every time I think about it, I like to find out what you guys are reading. And I just thought about it, so…what are you reading this week?

Me, I’m halfway through Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim. This is a series I’ve promised myself to check out for some time, and I’m glad I’m finally getting to it. So far, the book is very entertaining, in a hard-boiled, sarcastic, and totally creepy way.  Will be doing a review on it as soon as I finish.

So tell me, what’s open on your reading table right now?  I’d love to hear!

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20 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. Felix on said:

    That is a nice picture of you,my friend, 🙂
    I’m reading, ” Odd Thomas” by Dean Koontz. I’m halfway through.
    I love the dry sense of humor and it’s creepy. I got my new glasses and it is great
    to be able to see better. I’m reading faster but I get so many interruption from the Dogs, grand kids, wife and my mother. But it’s the kind of books that say pick me up. I’m loving it. Thanks for landing it to me.


    • Hi, Felix! Oh, I’m so glad you started Odd Thomas. It’s one of my favorite series! I love Oddie so much. A very endearing character. The first book has some truly emotional moments, though, but the series overall is very hopeful, filled with a sense of higher purpose. And it’s deliciously creepy, as only Koontz can be. Thanks for taking the time to respond. (I take it you finished Tales From The Nightside?)


  2. Felix on said:

    Tales from the nightside was really good. I loved reading it. I could picture the really big moon on that other side of London and all the creepy stuff. Good book.
    Is there any order of reading to the Odd books? I started with Odd Thomas.


  3. Yes, there is definitely an order. Odd Thomas is first. The order is:
    1. Odd Thomas
    2. Forever Odd
    3. Brother Odd
    4. Odd Hours
    5. Odd Apocalypse
    6. Deeply Odd (coming in May)

    I hope I took you the whole set, so far…5 books? If not, let me know and I’ll find whatever is missing. The series is winding down, I believe, and will probably come to an end, soon. At which point, I’m starting over and reading straight through it all again. I love it THAT much.

    Glad you liked the Nightside. Did I loan you the next ones? (I can’t remember. There are a lot of them, and they need to be read in order, too. But they are all short, quick reads, and I have enjoyed every single one.)


  4. Sins of the Father, the second in a series by Jeffery Archer. Loving it!


  5. I have read some Jeffrey Archer and really enjoyed them, but not this. Wasn’t this also the name of a book by Gay Talese many years back? Sounds so familiar to me. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m going to look this one up, for sure.


    • Never mind. Senior moment. It was Honor Thy Father. Oh, well. And wait. I think I lied all the way around. I think I’m thinking of Jeffrey Deaver or some other Jeffrey altogether. I have no idea what I’m talking about, obviously. Pay no attention to me at all. As you were!
      *going off now to see just who Jeffrey ARCHER is, and if I want to add him to my To Be Read list.*


  6. Funny, I just posted about what I read the first six months of grieving my late husband. Now I’m reading completely different books, including Panther Baby by Jamal Joseph.


  7. Felix on said:

    I got Odd Thomas,(only one).
    Something from the nightside.
    Killing Floor/Dye Trying.
    Monster Hunter International/Vendetta/Alpha.
    That’s all. 🙂


    • Funny, I just finished looking over my shelves and saw that I had all my Odd Thomas books still here. Now I remember, I was bringing you one or two of various series, to see which ones you would enjoy. A sampler, sort of. I will get the other Odd Thomas books to you soon, I promise. You HAVE to read them all. And I will bring you more Nightside books, too. You’ve got 3 each of the other ones, so I’ll wait until you see if you like them or not. But I’ll get the Odd Thomas & Nightside books to you before long. REALLY, REALLY, I SWEAR!!!


  8. Just finished the audiobook “The Mysterious Affair At Styles” the first Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot mystery. (I often like to use an Poirot story as a palate cleanser.)

    Also finishing up the weird and disturbing “House of Leaves” by Daniel Z. Danielewski.


  9. Oh, weird and disturbing? Right up my alley. Checkin’ it out!

    You know, I have never read a single Agathie Christie book. How is that possible? I can’t imagine it. I may have to put that down on my Must Read Before Summer Arrives list. Should I start with the Hercule Poirot stories?

    Thanks for stopping by and updating us on what you’re reading. Steve. Always good to hear from you! Give Penny a pat on the head for me!


  10. Susana on said:

    I finished a book that i really disliked 😦 better not to say the title, because with my luck the author would end up seeing my comment. *facepalm*

    But now i’m reading the last book in a series that has been getting better and better, with each instalment. It started out more paranormal romance, but lately it has become much more urban fantasy. i’m talking about Lara Adrian’s “Midnight Breed”. The one i’m reading is called “Edge of Dawn” and i’m loving it.
    After i finish it, i think i’m going to get back to C. E. Murphy’s series “The walker papers”. Oh, did you know that the series main character is a Joanne who also likes to name her cars? O_O But in this case there isn’t a David….there’s a Morrison!

    Hope all is well, Marcia! Hugs 🙂


    • Hi, Susana! You’ll have to tell me privately about the one you didn’t like, so I can make note of it. I’ve seen Midnight Breed, but I confess I thought it might be too paranormal romance for me. But if it’s edging towards romance with an urban fantasy feel to it, I might like it better. I’ll check it out. I’ve only tried one C. E. Murphy book…I think it had gargoyles in it…and it lost me before very long. Maybe I’ll give it another look. Sometimes it’s just the mood I’m in. Or not in, as the case may be.

      I’m doing pretty well, thanks, and I hope you are, too. So nice to see you stopping by!


      • Susana on said:

        Yes, the first books in the “Midnight Breed” series were a little more paranormal romance oriented. But they always had a great storyline connecting them, and pretty intense action. So they were always much more than romance.

        Regarding the C.E. Murphy series, the one i’m reading has no gargoyles in it. In fact, the first book of the series “Urban shaman” has the “stamp of approval” of one of your favorite authors: Jim Butcher. 😀


        • Well, if it’s good enough for Butcher, it’s good enough for ME!


          I do have one of her books called “Heart of Stone.” It features a gargoyle who has fallen in love with the heroine, as I remember. But the storyline just lost me somewhere fairly early on. I might give it another try one day, but in the meantime, I will have to check out Urban Shaman. That sounds more promising, and I have found that even my favorite authors can write books that don’t work for me, so just because I wasn’t feeling “Heart of Stone” doesn’t mean I won’t like this one. Thanks for the info.

          I will also give Midnight Breed another look. I don’t mind the romance part if that’s not the only reason for the book. I do prefer that the couple get to know each other before the romantic action kicks in. Sometimes they take one look, and there’s ripping of clothing and grabbing of body parts and sweating and stuff.


          I’d rather the tension build a bit, and to feel like I care about the couple finally connecting, myself.

          But that’s just me. What do I know? Only what I like MYSELF, that’s all.

          Going to go put both of these series on my Wish List so I won’t forget to check them out. Thanks, Susana.


          • Susana on said:

            Now you’ve just left me curious about “heart of stone”. lol
            You know what, i think you may have a problem with the way the romance is conducted in the first book of Lara Adrian’s series “Kiss of Midnight”….maybe if you just ignore the romance and focus on the remaining storyline you will be able to finish it….because if i’m remembering correctly, Lucan makes a move on Gabrielle way too soon.
            I’m imagining you reading it, rolling your eyes, accompanied by some diatribes against ME!! LOL


  11. I might go into a diatribe about authors who can’t let their characters learn to KNOW and possibly actually CARE about each other before they get graphic, but I promise never to go into one about YOU, my friend. We can have honest differences of opinion, after all, and you and I are at very different places in our lives, which obviously has an impact on what we like and don’t like. (I’m not going to say age factors in, as well, but…it probably does.)

    I think today, the word “romance” translates to “sex” way more often (and way sooner) than it should. I actually prefer a little more true romance BEFORE getting physical, but I’m a product of my generation, too, and I understand that colors my preferences, somewhat.

    Who knows? I might end up enjoying the book, even if I think it’s flawed in that way. After all, I read the first 3 or 4 of Nalini Singh’s archangel series, and heaven knows (pardon the pun), there were some very UN-angelic things going on from the get-go, in a sort of “How do you do, let me grab your most personal body parts before I offer you coffee,” kind of way. I didn’t like that at all, but once the story moved on, it was better. I enjoyed a lot of things about that world, though I never finished the series. Just so many others that I wanted to read first, and so little time.

    Anyway, I’m going to check them out, and I promise on a stack of Dresden Files books, I won’t hold you responsible if I hate them!



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