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Who Is This?

In creating my Inspiration Boards for Hunter, the sequel to Swamp Ghosts, I have been looking high and low for a someone who looks the way I picture Hunter Painter looking. After a time-consuming and exhausting search through THOUSANDS of pictures of good looking men…oh, the things we suffer for our art!…I found ONE photo that looks like Hunter would have looked in his earlier years. (He’s 34 at the start of this book, so would have a tiny bit more wear and tear on his face…maybe). There was no identification on this image at all, and I’m afraid I don’t recognize this man. If he’s an actor or model, someone must surely know his name, right? And I’d like to find a few more photos of him, so I’m putting it to you guys. Can you help? Who is this?



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10 thoughts on “Who Is This?

    • Thank you for reblogging, Nick. That’s great. Someone must know this guy! Surely?


      • I have no idea who he is, I wish I knew. Very handsome fella.


        • Yes, but in a very real, boy-next-door kind of way. With one hero having been dark, angsty, tortured, dramatic, and the other looking like Thor, I wanted Hunter to be a completely different sort of guy. I already pictured him with clear, gray eyes, soft brown hair, and a compelling way of looking directly at people. He’s a quiet, off the wall kind of guy, with a habit of observing more than participating. The expression on this guy’s face is perfect, though he may look completely different in other pics. Still this one just screamed HUNTER at me. (See. Big letters = screaming, hahaha.) Have a great day, Nick!!


  1. Very handsome! Let me know if you find him.


    • Hey, I saw him first, Marjma! hahahaha…seriously, he really is a nice-looking young man, and those eyes are just what I was looking for. If I figure out who he is, I’ll definitely let you know. I’ll post right here. In the meantime, you can call him “Hunter.” That’s who he is to me, anyway! 😀


  2. He’s Houston Rhines.

    If you go to Google, they have an image search that will help you find who someone is from their picture.

    Instructions follow:
    1. Visit or click the camera icon camera icon in the search box on any Images results page.
    2. Click Upload an image.
    3. Click Choose file.
    4. Select the image from your computer.
    5. The search will pull up a name and more pictures.

    Isn’t technology wonderful?


    • Amazing! Who knew? Obviously, you did! I should have asked YOU first! 🙂 I’m saving these insructions, but first I’m off to see who the heck Houston Rhines is. Thanks, Caitlin! You are a genius!!


      • Okay, found out what I needed to know, and a couple more nice pics. Lucky for me, the only thing I need him for is his FACE (which is great, and perfect for Hunter)since his heart would definitely NOT belong to Willow, I’m afraid. 🙂 Thanks for the info, Caitlin. He looks just as nice at 34 (which is his actual age) as he did as a younger guy.


      • All it takes is knowing that it can be done, and the doing it is easy. Glad I could help!


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