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Computer Woes

Having a lot of trouble with my Firefox browser, and it won’t let me uninstall or reinstall. It also won’t let me use Internet Explorer or Chrome, so I’m only able to access the web through it, and it is freezing continually. I will be back to posting as soon as I can fix the problem. Sorry!  Computers–when they work, they are wonderful. When they don’t, well–not so much so!  Hope to have it all fixed soon. (BTW…it won’t let me install a new version over the corrupted version either, unless I close the old one, which it won’t let me do!  It’s a Catch-22 all the way around.)

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4 thoughts on “Computer Woes

  1. It was that bouncy orange-haired heart thing on your last post that did it! Tracyloveshistory just switched webhosts, and now nothing works- it really can ruin your day. Hope it comes right soon.


  2. You are probably right, 23. Sometimes I get a wee bit carried away. I’ve been known to suffer from an excess of enthusiasm. No more bouncy orange-haired heart thingeys for a while, I guess!

    I hope TLH’s computer woes get sorted out, as well. It makes me crazy when this kind of thing happens. But as you can see, I’m able to access my blogs now. I never could fix Firefox OR get it uninstalled, but I’m ignoring it. I’ve managed to get both Internet Explorer (pokey ol’ thing that it is) and Chrome to work properly, so I’m baaa-aaaack. Tomorrow.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Patty B on said:

    I am sorry you are also having problems with firefox, so am I. It doesn’t freeze but it does kick me off, I send a trouble shooting message to them, they email me the same suggestions over and over again, it works for one day, then it starts all over again – grrrrrrr…. 🙂 Hope it is up and running soon. Blessings 🙂


  4. Hi, Patty! I’ve given up on Firefox for now. I have too much to do to spend another entire morning trying to straighten out their problems. 😀

    I’m using IE for the time being, with Chrome as a back up if need be. So far, so good, though Im playing catch up around here, after wasting so much time yesterday. (I’m at a point in my life where I REALLY hate to waste time on anything!

    Thanks for the kind words. Hope you get your situation straightened out soon, too.


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