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Is This A Great Birthday Present, Or What?



As if a March 16th trip to a Book Festival in Ft. Myers, with my best friend, and featuring many cool authors available for autographs and Q & A sessions, isn’t a cool enough way to spend the day before my birthday, I just found out the most exciting news!  Silver Birch Press announced the release of Green: An Eclectic Anthology of Poetry & Prose on Friday, March 15!  This book promises to be every bit as enjoyable as the Silver anthology was, and once again, I am absolutely thrilled to have had another poem included.  Wow!

Just when you think Life should be slowing down and getting a bit…oh, I don’t know…DULL, maybe?…it pops up and gobsmacks you with wonderful surprises like this! The Green Anthology includes poetry, short stories, novel excerpts, essays, interviews, and memoirs from over 60 authors in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Europe & Africa.  There will be work from long established writers (like my just about favorite poet of all time, Amy Lowell) as well as from newer writers (like…well…ME!)

If, way back in high school, when I was doing reports on Amy Lowell’s most famous works ( Patterns or Purple Grackles), I had ever even though that something I wrote would one day be rubbing shoulders with some of her poems…well, I wouldn’t have believed it, I can tell you that. And yet, it happened. Life is good!

I will keep you guys posted as the release date nears, so that those of you who love anthologies as much as I do can head to amazon for your own copy. I know I’ll be buying several! (I love getting my Christmas shopping done early!) 😉

And for anyone who’d like to read “On The River,” my contribution to The Green Anthology,  click here.


(NOTE: The date of release of The Green Anthology has been changed to March 15, making it just in time for my birthday weekend.  Yay!)

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15 thoughts on “Is This A Great Birthday Present, Or What?

  1. How wonderful! Congratulations!


  2. Yay! WordPress is crawling with people who call themselves writers, but I always felt that you only got to call yourself that if you had been published.
    How cool to find that out that you are not just a writer, you’re a poet!


    • Hi, 23!! Good to see you, here! Thanks so much for the kind and encouraging words. My best friend now introduces me as her good friend, Marcia…the writer! Hahahaha.

      Seriously, 23, I just somehow lucked into it, though to tell you the truth, if I could write the way YOU do, well THAT would be something! And don’t even THINK you aren’t a writer just because your book hasn’t been published…YET. You are, and it’s going to be, and the whole world will know you are a writer, then!!

      Trust me on this, my hilarious friend…YOU have major talent. And even now, while you are sharing it via your blog, you have touched hundreds of lives and made them better. I can’t tell you how many times you have lifted my spirits when they were down, and that is a gift priceless beyond words.

      Two poems that I was lucky enough to get published (and that I will be THRILLED about to the rest of my days, of course) does not come close to what I think you are going to do with your writing. But…in the meantime…can I just go “Neener, neener, neener” once??



      • No, you may not! I can tell you with some authority, as the current owner of an eight-year-old boy, that “neener, neener, neener” is the sound of an ambulance. You are perfectly entitled, however, to hit me with a hearty “nyaa, nyaa, nyaa nyaa nyaa!”


        • I stand corrected by a Master. Nyaa, nyaa, nyaa, nyaa, nyaa it is, then! Now, go, 23! Go…and write like the wind!!! I already have a spot picked out on my bookshelves for your first published work…right next to MINE, which is already there! *snicker*


  3. Wow! Congratulations Marcia! I’ll definitely try to find this book once it is published. I looked up the previous anthology, Silver, and went through the names of writers included. I felt ashamed when I realised that I only know two or three of them (and I teach literature to university students…eek!). It seems my own reading/research has been occupied with the previous two centuries, so my knowledge of the contemporary is lacking.

    The theme of this new anthology is “Green.” So I assume there will be lots of nature writing/eco-poetics? I hope to make Ecocriticism one of my focus areas over the next few years. What are some of the reoccurring themes/tropes in your poetry?


    • Oh, Francois! You make me smile. Your enthusiasm is always contagious. I will now make a confession for your eyes only. (Everyone else, look away! Hahaha.) I don’t know very much about contemporary poetry, either. All of my favorite poems are from long ago. I do plan to change that, and have a book of poetry I want to review in the next day or so. But mostly, my favorites are things I read in school, back in the Dark Ages.

      In Silver, my favorite poem is “Silver” by Walter de la Mare. The imagery is so stunning, and I think it truly beautiful. I learned it in school, and have never forgotten it, so it has a sentimental element going for it, too. My own contribution to the book is a brief, 11-lined little riddle that I happened to have on hand when asked to contribute. Time was short, so I sent it in, and was thrilled to have it accepted.

      “Green” will no doubt have lots of nature-related things, though I haven’t read my advanced copy yet, believe it or not. (I’ve been swamped lately). But it also will have things that reference other meanings of the word, so it should be interesting.

      And now…biggest confession of all…as for my own poetry, until I wrote On The River expressly for this anthology, I had not written a poem in decades! (Ack. Did I just admit that out loud?) I used to write a LOT of poetry, and I’ve always loved it, but for reasons which I won’t go into here (I do actually know others might read this!) I stopped writing altogether for many, many years. Now, I’m feeling totally inspired, and wondering just how many things I can commit to paper in the years I have left. Hint: I’m writing FAST.


      So there you have it, my eco-conscious, cat-loving friend. Thanks so much for your interest. I do plan to write some more poetry, and to brush up some things I wrote in the past. I’m already working on one that I hope will be accepted for the next anthology, which I think will have Summer as a theme. I can’t wait!!

      And I hope you will be able to order “Green” from amazon. It will be available there March 15. If you have problems, let me know and I’ll see if I can’t make it happen for you.


  4. Thanks for the response, Marcia. I am always keen to connect with fellow writers/lovers of literature/sincere poets. I really enjoyed “On the river,” especially the rhythm of the lines and vivid imagery you utilise.

    I write some poetry now and then. But I lock them away in a folder on my pc. I am sure that someday I might rediscover them and see them in a different light.

    And yes, I will look out for that anthology!



  5. Oops. Sorry for that random smiley face mid-sentence. Please move it to the end.


    • Haha…all done, Francois! I think you should dust off your poetry sooner. You never know what could happen. (I’m a perfect example!) Thank you, again, for the really kind words about On The River! I appreciate it more than you know.
      Oh, btw, I love your gravatar! I actually looks like you, though not nearly as dashing!



  6. Alice on said:

    Yay, yay and Happy Birthday!


    • Thank you, Alice. I’m really looking forward to it this year. Not only do I have the fun of being a contributor to this book, but the road trip to the Ft. Myers book festival is going to be so much fun. We will get to attend talks by several authors we enjoy, and should be able to get their autographs, too. I’ve never done anything like that before, and I’m really excited. Kim Harrison who writes the Rachel Morgan series will be there, as well as Jeaniene Frost who writes the Cat & Bones series. And couple others I’m familiar with. So I’m looking forward to a fun day on Saturday the 16th, and then I’ll be home Sunday afternoon to celebrate on my actual birthday with my hubby. Almost makes being OOOOLLLLD worthwhile! 😀


      • Alice on said:

        It sounds like an exciting, fun, and inspiring adventure. I can’t wait to read all about it!


        • Oh, I will be posting, for sure. HOPEFULLY, I’ll have some pictures, too. Sharing a fun thing like that with your best friend and reading buddy can only be good, right? I just can’t wait!


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