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Cover Art – An Interesting (And Exciting) Find


John Paul Pfeiffer a/k/a Harry Dresden

Some of you know that I really enjoy good cover art. Sometimes it’s an overall interesting or intriguing design, and sometimes it’s a particular model that catches my eye. For nearly two years, I’ve been Googling around trying to find the model for my favorite series, The Dresden Files, with no success.  Now I’m sure there are those who have always known who it was, but I didn’t, and I couldn’t find him anywhere, under any combination of search terms.  It was getting quite frustrating, and I began to think my only hope would be to write the artist, Chris McGrath, and pester him for info, thus alerting him to the possibility that a deranged cover model stalker was on the loose and possibly presenting some danger to one of his favorite models.  (I say one of his favorites, because the model for The Dresden Files series is also featured on several other series that McGrath does the artwork for.)  Naturally, I was somewhat reluctant to bother Chris McGrath, though I might have gotten to that point, eventually. Luckily, I no longer have to worry about being the subject of headlines reading “Florida Granny Arrested in Model Stalking Plot.”  My good friend, Nicki, found the info she and I were both looking for, and voila!  I now know who this model is, and can put this mystery to rest.

I present to you fashion model, cover model, and BMX racing champion John Paul Pfeiffer, aka Harry Dresden.  Here are a couple of pictures of JPP with covers from The Dresden Files for comparison. 

A younger JPP and a younger looking Harry Dresden.

jjp2.           mac15

A more “mature” John Paul Pfeiffer and a couple of Dresden images showing a bit more age, as well.

jjp7          mac8          mac14

I have tracked down other cover art models (just for fun, honestly…no serious stalking in mind at all), but none that made me as happy to find as this one. John Paul Pfeiffer has been in many fashion magazines and ad campaigns over the years, and now runs his own company to help place and house models just starting out.  Apparently, he doesn’t do a lot of modeling himself, any more, but I hope that won’t keep him from finishing the Dresden series.  I could never imagine anyone else as Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden.

Have any of you ever discovered who is modeling for your favorite books?  I found several blogs devoted entirely to romance novel models (most of whom are not my cup of tea), and I’m curious as to how many others find the subject interesting.  Maybe I’m drawn to it because I’ve painted all my life and always study book covers in great detail.  Or maybe I just think Harry Dresden is drop-dead gorgeous.  Who knows?  But does the reason really matter?  Nah, of course not. So tell me honestly, now–have you ever looked at someone on a cover and wondered just who that mysterious person was.  I’m dying to know!

And just for you romance fans, here are a couple of book covers in that genre that John Paul modeled for at some point in time.  He looks very young, but very…er…ROMANTIC!  Enjoy!


     247909154458232337_qsfhKs3Y_c     247909154458116805_GboTVkxy_b

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6 thoughts on “Cover Art – An Interesting (And Exciting) Find

  1. HA HA HA. That is called stalking. It means you are alive,my friend.
    I just can not understand how Karin does not get a romance going with Harry.
    I thought it was going to happen at Demonreach. The kiss on the bike seemed like a HOT one. We got to discuss the book,tomorrow…


    • Oh, yes! We will all three be talking about that book. Nicki and I have LOTS of questions…and OPINIONS…on Cold Days! Can’t wait. And no, I’m not really a stalker. Honest, I’m not. No, REALLY. Much.


  2. andshelaughs on said:

    Wowsa! A boy I went to high school was a model for Harlequin cover art. Great post!


    • Thank you, Andshelaughs. Glad you enjoyed it. He is a pretty bit of eye candy, isn’t he? I have a couple of other series that I love and have slowly but surely found out who the models were. I find it interesting to see if the artist has captured what the models look like, or has improved or changed them to fit the story line better. In the case of the Dresden Files, the art looks pretty much dead on for the model. Now you need to let us know the book your high school buddy posed for. Thanks for commenting.


  3. My daughter is my model for my children’s books. I haven’t figured out what kind of cover art I want just yet for my YA novels. I know my cousin, who is a very very good artist, is going to do the cover art for me. I’ve discussed what the book is about, but I think we are both waiting until I am really finished writing it…that includes the many rough drafts I’ve been doing lately lol!
    I love your model by the way! Very gorgeous!


  4. Hi, Jennifer! Good to hear from you. I’d like to see your children’s books. Can I view them on amazon? What age are they for? I have a 7 year old granddaughter and a grandson on the way.

    I’ll be really interested in seeing your YA book cover when you get everything ready. How nice that your cousin can do it for you. My best friend is a graphic artist and I’m relying on her skills to help me with mine when the time comes. (She promised not to rake me over the coals price-wise! Ha.)

    Yes, John Paul makes a stunning Harry Dresden. He also makes a lovely Prince Gareth from the Vampire Empire series, and several others. In fact, that’s him in the current header on this blog, from another Chris McGrath cover. He IS very gorgeous, indeed. Occasionally, I’ve found the models don’t look anywhere near as good as they do on the covers, but not in this case. He photographs so perfectly. He is, in fact, the man I’ve had in mind all the way through my novel, just based on the way he looks on the Dresden books. And now that I’ve seen him, what I wouldn’t give to be able to afford him for my cover. Not gonna happen in this lifetime, though.

    Are you planning to self-publish your young adult books? Just curious, as I’ve been learning a lot about it lately.


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