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Steel’s Edge by Ilona Andrews


My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

I have often said that the husband and wife team of Ilona Andrews simply can’t  write a bad book–just varying degrees of good ones.  There was nothing in Steel’s Edge to change my mind about this.  The only thing about it I didn’t enjoy was finding out it was going to be the last in the From The Edge series, which makes me very sad. I wanted more!  Much more!

Some of you might already be familiar with this team’s very popular Kate Daniels urban fantasy series.  If you are a fan of that one, and haven’t yet checked out the four From The Edge books, do yourself a favor and get started on them today.  The Edge is a place like no other, poised between two worlds, known as The Weird and The Broken. In the Weird, magic holds sway.  In the Broken, life is pretty much like that which you and I live.  But The Edge manages to be neither fish nor fowl, with neither the full strength magic of the Weird, nor the total lack of magic of The Broken.

All four books are interconnected, even though they feature different love stories at the heart of them, and they overlap in interesting ways.  Lots of political intrigue, sword play, magic wielding, and emotional entanglements keep the books moving along briskly.  I always appreciate engaging characters, and every book in the series had plenty of them.  My personal favorite of the four books is Bayou Moon, but Steel’s Edge is a very close second.

Steel’s Edge seemed to be a bit more action oriented than the other three, but perhaps that’s because it’s been awhile since I read the earlier books.  I really liked  the main character, Richard Mar, and his love interest, Charlotte de Ney, who is a powerful Healer.  They come from different worlds and different social strata, but find a common goal that eventually leads to complete devotion between them, not to mention a very hot love scene.  Very. Hot. My memory isn’t what it used to be, but I’m pretty sure I would have remembered if the changeling William Wolf from Bayou Moon (my favorite male character of the whole series) had been involved in anything as explicit.  I’m not usually a fan of detailed love-making. It’s not that I’m shocked or offended, but for me, it usually isn’t as interesting as the overall sense of romance and emotional connection can be. Also, it often seems cheap if not handled really well;  however, sometimes I’m willing to make an exception.  This was definitely one of those times! Eeep!

All in all, if you like urban fantasy with some pretty decent love stories included, and some excellent world-building, political intrigue, and unusual magical effects, give the From The Edge books a try.  They are listed below, in order, and should be read that way.  And if you become a fan after checking them out, maybe we can band together and beg Ilona Andrews not to abandon the series.  It’s worth a try!


Bayou Moon (A Novel Of The Edge)

Fate’s Edge (A Novel of the Edge)

Steel’s Edge (A Novel of the Edge)

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8 thoughts on “Steel’s Edge by Ilona Andrews

  1. Hi Marcia, i don’t think you have seen the last of this series. 😀

    From what i read in the book, this was going to be the last of this “arc”(? i’m not sure if this is the proper word). So i guess, next time we read a “the edge” book, its going to feature the “kids” from this one. Like George, his brother, and Richard’s niece. 🙂


  2. Well, I hope that is so, but it said the “final book of the series.” So even though they said some more Edge “stories” would be forthcoming, it sounded to me like the books were done, and the stories might appear in anthologies or the like. I mean, they wouldn’t have to end the Edge SERIES if they were going to write about the kids. Heck, the stars of the books have been different in each one already, so I don’t see why the next book couldn’t still be a From The Edge Book featuring George or Sophie. It’s very unclear, but I’m not happy about it. I like the series in some ways even more than the Kate Daniels one, because the world is so fascinating to me. I’m planning to email them for more info. What they said was very confusing to me, but most readers I have talked to feel the series has ended. *sigh*


    • Susana, just double checked the Ilona Andrews website, and here is a direct quote from over the photo of the Steel’s Edge cover:

      “Don’t Miss the Final Book of the Edge, Available November 27, 2012.

      I don’t know what they meant in their Forward about possible additional stories, but they are definitely calling this the final Edge book. Maybe the characters will show up in a Kate Daniels book, or in anthologies or something? I’m just not sure.


  3. In the paperback, on the acknowledgments part, it says:

    “Steel’s edge marks the end of a series for us. While the stories of the Edge aren’t quite over, this particular arc is concluded.”

    I read some comments on GR, about future books on this series. When to that, one adds the expression “arc”, yes, i’m really hoping that this means more “the edge” books. Maybe the series will have a different name, who knows…

    Well, only the author’s will know what is going to happen.

    In my case, i have to say that i prefer the Kate Daniels series, but i’m happy with anything they write. 🙂


  4. Yeah, I read that in the Forward, too, but if you end a series, you end a series, and “Final Book of the Edge” is pretty definite. So I don’t understand what they mean about it, except that maybe any new stories may not take place in the Edge, perhaps? Maybe they will continue with George and Jack, but be “from” The Weird, instead of The Edge, focusing on the royals and the mess that they left undone at the end of Steel’s Edge. So maybe it will go to being the From the Weird series? I don’t know. But I have emailed them before and gotten answers, so if I can’t find something on their site, I’m going to ask for clarification. I can’t help it. It’s my favorite (even though I love Kate’s world, too) and I’m not ready to say goodbye to them yet. And btw. That guy on the cover? Hot. Really. Between he and the guy on Bayou Moon, I’m thinking of moving to the Edge, just so I can ogle the men. *grin*


  5. Susana on said:

    I guess that when i read “the end of a series” i understood that, as the “end of a season” like they do in tv series. Season one is over, lets start with the second one! LOL Who knew i was such the optimist??
    Okay, when you find the gps coordenates to the The Edge, please let me know, i’ll join you in the trip!! lol


  6. No, I think if it were like a tv series, it would have been totally about the end of that particular story line, but not “the end of the series.” They wouldn’t have said the “last book from the Edge.” So all I can surmise (and this is purely a guess at this point) is that any other books dealing with these stories won’t be “from the Edge,” but possibly “from the Weird” or dealing with life in Adrianglia, or something like that. So far, all of the main characters in each of the books had his/her roots in the Edge…the “between” world. So I’m thinking they could still tell stories of these characters, or the kids, in a new series called From The Weird, or something similar, and focus on THAT world rather than the between one. I mean, that would work, wouldn’t it? And it would be fine with me, as long as I get to go to that whole area again, even if the new story would be rooted in the Weird, or wherever. I mean, they did leave things in a mess with the royal houses of Adrianglia and all. They even had that character who was in disguise (not Richard) who was mad because they had really messed things up, and he had been trying to avoid that. So…there’s an opening there. And I do want to see those kids grow up. I love George and Jack so much. Especially Jack. He’s just too cute.

    I think I’m an optimist, too, because even though I know they said the EDGE books are over, I’m still trying to convince myself that we haven’t said goodbye to that entire world and all its characters. Now THAT would be sad!


    • The above is about the most incoherent post I’ve ever made, I think, but I hope you see what I mean. I was rambling because the very idea of it all being over is too distressing. So, I’m going with the idea that the location is changing, but it’s not the end of the line. Even Richard and Charlotte are in the Weird now, so we could see more characters, but they just wouldn’t be dealing with the Edge so much. Maybe. Hopefully. I wish! Hahahaha. I’m demented.


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