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What Are You Reading?

Since I’m behind on reviews, largely due to not having as much time to read as usual in the last month or so, I thought I might throw out a question to you guys.  What areyou reading right now, or what have you just finished reading that you really loved?  Feel free just to give a title, or to go into the reasons you are reading the work and what  you love (or loved) about it.  I’ll start:

I’m currently reading the 4th book in the Monster Hunters International series by Larry Correia, MHI: Legion. The fact that I’m making slow progress on this one has nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of the book or the writing.  It’s just a matter of trying to find that magical key to adding another two hours to my day.  That’s all I would need, really.  A twenty-six hour day would allow me to take care of my house, my animals, my family, and my writing, and still have time to read as much as I want to.  Well, probably.  Four would be better.  Giving up sleep altogether would be best of all, since it seems like such a waste of precious time to me, but I find I’m rather cranky if I don’t get at least 5 or 6 hours.

I will be reviewing the entire Monster Hunters International series as soon as I finish this book, so I won’t go into what I like or don’t like right now. 

Now.  It’s your turn.  (Come on, everybody…play along.) What are you reading?

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16 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. Hi Marcia!
    Well, now i’m reading “lover avenged, #7” by J.R.Ward, and i’m liking it. Before that, i had read “Lover enshrined#6” (On a Ward phase..) the previous book of that series.
    The funny thing, is that i had been delaying reading these books , because i hadn’t liked the fifth book in the series, which i felt was too paranormal romance for me…but luckily the series went under a major development. With the sixth addition to the series, the plot is much more urban fantasy, of which i’m thankfull. 🙂
    Before that, i had finished a story, that i was ansiously looking forward: “The shattered dark” by Sandy Williams. I LOVED, LOVED the first book “The Shadow Reader” …in order to not give any spoilers, i will just say, that the same thing didn’t happen with this one.
    I cant remember the last time, a book left me so MAD, i could just throw it out my window…. 😀
    Well moving on…to finish, i will just mention a book that really surprised me in a really good way. The characters were quirky, and the story was interesting, different anf funny. Its a YA story called “Unspoken” by Sarah Rees Brennan. It was recommended by a friend, and i’m really glad i read it. The basic plot is: What would you do if your imaginary friend, one of these days, would appear to you in the flesh? 🙂
    Oh, also i read a retelling of Cinderella, called “Ember” By Betty Sharpe. It was really good…and different., lol..and you have to be more than EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD to read it!! Really! VERY IMPORTANT!! lol
    But it was good…the language is a little (cough) strong sometimes, but it’s also funny…so the funny parts end up taming “the thing”…if you know what i mean!


  2. Hi, Susana! So good to see you posting. I always miss you when you aren’t around for awhile. Boy, you have been busy! Thanks for sharing what you’ve been reading lately. The Cinderella one sounds especially interesting to me. Gonna go check it out soon, and probably add it to my To Be Read list. I just LOVE finding out what others are enjoying.

    As for a book making you mad enough to throw it around, that’s what happened to me when I read the 4th book in the Chicagoland series. I had a tantrum! Seriously. I wasn’t going to read another word by Chloe Neil, ever. But I knew in my heart she was going to have to fix what she did, so I finally bit the bullet and read #5, thinking there was no way she could make any fix actually WORK. Surprisingly, she did, and I had my series back again. Now whether it REALLY worked, or whether I just wanted it to so badly that I made myself like the fix, I can’t say with any real honesty. But I now have #6 in my To Be Read basket, and I’m hoping we are well on the way to HEA Time soon.

    Isn’t it interesting when a book’s characters become that real to us, and we are so invested in them? It always hinges on those characters, for me. If I don’t care about them, it doesn’t matter how interesting the plot is. I’m not going to like the book.

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!


  3. Yes, a tantrum, that’s what i had when i finished that story… 😦

    The only way for me to deal with love triangles( the reason of my tantrum), is that once it’s settled ( two characters declaring their undying love and blá, blá..) there’s no more back and forth! Really, i can’t deal with that!

    So, yes, by the end of the book, after i finished reading the emotional cliffhanger that the author created, i was….mad as…a hungry lion! Enough said!
    You’re welcome Marcia. You too! 😀

    The Cinderella story is a somewhat dark tale with some hot moments and funny scenes…the funny moments are sometimes adjoined to the hot and steamy moments….! lol 😀
    I liked it so much, that i would really like to buying it on paperback. Maybe one day it will be made available in that format.
    The last time i checked it was a free e-book on the author’s page


    • Ooh, free is good. I like free. A lot. I could probably be living in a home the size and splendor of the Taj Majal with the money I’ve spent on books over the years. I’m going to go check out this free one RIGHT NOW. *going off singing songs about free things* (Okay, making up songs, is more like it.)


      • Just thought that you might like to know, that in Amazon you can download for free right now a book called “Darkhouse ” by Karina Halle. A GR friend told me because i’m interested in reading it, and i remembered that you might want to check it out! 🙂
        And the story seems really good!


  4. I’m reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. I selected that because I had just finished Winter of the World, the second in Ken Follett’s new trilogy, and I needed a “break”. Almost done, and I’m starting to feel the sadness I feel when I finish a really good book.


  5. I have loved many of Kate Morton’s books, SC. (Except for The Distant Hours, which I renamed The Distant Ending, I think…it’s reviewed around here somewhere). But I think she’s a fine writer, who can really touch your heart. I was especially fond of The Forgotten Garden, but I haven’t read The Secret Keeper. On my list it goes! Thanks for sharing that. Oh, yeah…sharing is what you do best!


  6. I’m reading the second book in the Maze Runner series (Scorch Trials). It’s interesting — not quite so good as the first, but I thought the first compared favorably with Hunger Games.


    • Hi, Anna! Great to see you stopping by. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were doing. I am making a note for this one. Thanks for suggesting it. Take care! Winter isn’t far away in your part of the world! (I’m still wearing shorts down here!)


  7. I finished Vanish by Sophie Jordan. It’s second in a series. She has a third one coming out soon. Really good book! I then started reading Hollow Earth by John and Carole Barrowman. It’s a really good read so far. Both books are young adult novels, fantasy fiction.


  8. Susana, I will check out Darkhouse, too. Thanks!!


  9. Jennifer, when I figure out how to break through that rift in the space-time continuum, I’ll grab us some extra hours, and get back with you!



  10. I recently finished STATE OF WONDER by Ann Patchett and thought it was wonderful.


  11. Hi, Steve. Good to see you. I am writing all these books down to check out in the future, as soon as I do some emptying of my To Be Read basket, which is overflowing onto nearby shelves and tables, even as I type. Thanks for the recommendation!


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