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Just A Reminder!

Jim Butcher's Cold Days Cover

Cold Days Coming November 27

Hey, all you Jim Butcher, Ilona Andrews, and Janet Evanovich fans out there!  Just a heads up, in case you forgot to check my Milestones widgets.  These guys have books coming out soon.  Be ready to pre-order, or to head to your local bookstore on Release Day, if you are anxious to keep up with these three series.  To wit:

The Janet Evanovich book, Notorious Nineteen, will be out in twelve days, on November 20th.  Yeah, we all know what will likely happen.  Stephanie Plum, the world’s worst excuse for a bounty hunter, will get in over her head on some case or other, and will need to be rescued by everyone’s favorite adorable cop, Joe Morelli, and provided yet another set of wheels by the Uber-sexy Ranger.  She’ll fret over which one of them she really loves (Morelli, dammit, MORELLI!) and she and Lula will eat gallons of greasy wings from Cluck In A Bucket.  It isn’t what happens that keeps me coming back for more with these books.  It’s the way the stories are told, and how much they make me laugh.  Which is to say, a LOT.

Then we have a Twin Spin!  In just nineteen days, on November 27th, Ilona Andrews’ latest From The Edge novel, Steel’s Edge, comes out.  And as if that weren’t good enough, the latest Dresden Files book, Cold Days, arrives as well. 

The husband and wife team that writes as Ilona Andrews cannot write a bad book to save themselves.  They are really a great team.  Anyone who has read the Kate Daniels series knows how much fun the books are, and I love the From The Edge series almost as much.  The second book in that series, Bayou Moon, is one of my favorite urban fantasy books, ever, thanks to the utterly wonderful character of William Wolf.  I still find myself quoting him when I see something beautiful or yummy in a store window or at the bakery.  “Umm,  pretty.  Want.  Want. Wantwantwant.”  Okay, that’s probably not an exact quote, but close enough.  Each of the first three books has featured a different set of main characters who live in the Edge, and I’m looking forward to learning more about the “star” of Steel’s Edge.

And last, but definitely not least.  Harry’s back!!!  With all of the D & T (Drama and Trauma) that the last two books wrought, I’m so eager to see how Harry is doing in Cold Days.  I can’t go into detail about what I’m hoping for without spoiling recent plot lines for those who haven’t read the series yet.  But suffice it to say that I have high hopes that Harry will be able to spend time with one of my favorite characters of the series, and preferably in a meaningful way, if you get my drift.  Stop the torture, Jim Butcher!  You know what we want and who we want it to be with!  Even just a little???  Pleeeeze?  Well, for sure, whatever is going on in Harry’s world right now, I’ll be there to go through it with him.  He is still, hands down, my favorite urban fantasy character of all time. 

Now what are you guys waiting for?  Head on over to amazon and pre-order some of these, or at least stick a big post-it note on your computer screen to remind you of the release dates.  This is good stuff!!!

Jim Butcher's Cold Days Cover

Cold Days: A Novel of the Dresden Files

Ilona Andrews' Steel's Edge Cover

Steel’s Edge (The Edge, Book 4)

Janet Evanovich's Notorious Nineteen

Notorious Nineteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel

If you decide to place an order with amazon, clicking through from my links will give me credit.  If you are enjoying  my reviews on Bookin’ It, it’s a great way to let me know!  Thanks!

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8 thoughts on “Just A Reminder!

  1. salm145 on said:

    Waiting for Harry !!ha ha ha


  2. You and me, both, Felix! Counting the days, in fact. Oh, I can’t wait to see what his new adventure is going to entail. Jim Butcher better do right by us, even if I don’t get my “favorite” wish, which definitely involves someone much shorter than Harry, and blonder. *grin* I just want to know what happens next. Good to see you, mi amigo!


  3. Today i’ve pre-ordered Ilona Andrews “Steel’s Edge”, and “Opal” by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Can’t wait to read them both! 🙂
    Like you said, that couple doesn’t know how to write a bad story (Thank God!!) and “Opal”, well, i really miss that annoying/want to slap you, most of the times, green eyed alien, who goes by the name of Daimon Black! lol


    • Well, I will have to check out Opal, Susana. I’m not familiar with it at all. GAH. So many books and authors to discover!! I will have to live to be at least 136 to get HALFWAY through my reading list! Better start working harder on my cholesterol levels and exercise regime, I guess.


  4. In that case, you may want to check “Obsidian” first (then there’s a prequel called “Shadows”, but i honestly am glad that i read it after, Obsidian), since its the first in the series. Among the YA series, that one its one of my favorites.
    I like the sense of humour, and the constant banter between Kat, the teenage blogger and Daimon, the green eyed irritating alien from planet Lux! lol


  5. I’m taking notes! Going to go put them on my List. Thanks for the titles. It will make finding them in the right order easier.

    Just as my normal routine, when I check out a book I’m not familiar with, I always look to see if it’s part of an ongoing series, and try to start with Book 1, when I can figure it out. Some series aren’t so obliging about cluing you in on that.

    I absolutely hate it when I read a book from the middle of a series. I learned my lesson with that when I read my first Jack Reacher book. I had no idea it was a series, and it made so much more sense after I went back and read the preceding books.

    One of these days, I’ve got to get you reading Harry Dresden. You would fall in love with him! And you need to start the Cal Leandros series, too. They are a lot younger than Harry, but still, it’s a great series, full of adventure and fun, and with some fantastically quotable lines. Harry, first, though. Yeah, you have to. (Don’t make me come OVER there, girl!!!)


  6. LOL, It’s on my list! I fully intend to read Harry Dresden series. As for Rob Thurman’s “Cal Leandros” i already have the first on my nightstand. It’s here, just waiting for me to start it! 🙂

    The only reason i haven’t so far, is because i’m trying to read the books that i already have bought, and that have been sistematically placed aside in favor of more recent purchases! And if i read that first one, i imagine that i will have to buy the others asap…
    I have books that i bought in January and that i still haven’t read! Shame on me!! 🙂


  7. You sound just like me, Susana. I do suspect you will want to read Cal & Niko’s whole series throughout. The love these brothers have for each other is amazingly depicted, but not in a creepy way, of course, and their adventures get better with every book. Scary things in their world, but there is a LOT of humor in there, as well.

    And yes, you will get to Harry one of these days, and then you will wonder what took you so long! Hahaha.



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