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The Weather Warden Series by Rachel Caine

Rachel Caine's Ill Wind Cover

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Rachel Caine is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy authors, just because her books are so much fun.  Filled with loads of action and just enough romance to suit me perfectly,  almost all of her series have been great reads.  Based on the fun factor and good, solid writing, I’m giving Ill Wind and each of the other 8 books in the Weather Warden series, 5 stars.  They may not be profoundly deep, or poetry in prose form, but they are  wild rides through a uniquely original world, and any Urban Fantasy fan should love them.  I really found myself invested in all of the characters, and that is one of my main criteria for a good read.

Joanne Baldwin is a Weather Warden, which means she can control at least one aspect of the earth’s weather.  In her case, she has power over the wind.  Other Wardens have powers related to different aspects.  Between them, they can, and do, influence wind, water, fire, and earth, in order to try to divert or soften the devastating effects from hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural disasters.  Their job is to protect human beings from nature’s attempts to scour us from the face of the earth.  And they also use djinns, often against their will, to help them.  Yes, djinns.  Oh, how good is a story that has  even ONE djinn in it, much less lots of them?  Not faeries, nor vampires, nor werewolves, nor even wizards.  Djinn!

There is a beautifully told love story that grows over the course of the nine books, but this is not a paranormal romance series, by any means.  It is definitely focused on epic battles between the forces of Good and the forces of Evil, both of which use nature to their own ends.  The fate of the world is at stake, and with no easy answers, there are plenty of nail biting moments. 

Overall, it is one of the most original concepts I’ve read in Urban Fantasy.  I was sorry when the series drew to a close, and so glad there was a short, 4-book spinoff series afterward.  (The Outcast Season series). The only sad note is that both have concluded, so I may have to start over and re-read the whole thing.  It’s that much fun!

Ill Wind (Weather Warden, Book 1)

Heat Stroke (Weather Warden, Book 2)

Chill Factor (Weather Warden, Book 3)

Windfall (The Weather Warden, Book 4)

Firestorm (Weather Warden, Book 5)

Thin Air (Weather Warden, Book 6)

Gale Force (Weather Warden, Book 7)

Cape Storm (Weather Warden, Book 8)

Total Eclipse (Weather Warden, Book 9)

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4 thoughts on “The Weather Warden Series by Rachel Caine

  1. This is a series, that if it wasn’t for you, Marcia, i probably wouldn’t be reading it. I really wasn’t familiar with the work of author Rachel Caine. Yes, i had probably read some comments about the Morganville series, but that one, doesn’t appeal to me that much. And the “weather Warden” hadn’t appear on my radar…faulty radar!

    As it is, i’m really enjoying it and having a great time! Joanne is a great character, as is the rest of the group. Especially David 🙂
    I’ve finished “Thin Air” the sixth book in the series not so long ago, and i’m looking forward to read the next ones.


  2. I’m so glad I steered you to this series, Susana. And even gladder that you are enjoying it. I loved the concept from the get-go…no wizards, weres, vampity guys, or other staples of Urban Fantasy. But rather a group of people who can control the weather, to a certain extent. And fire. And the earth. And have a profound impact on keeping humanity safe. It’s just a very original idea, I think. Throw in some extremely powerful djinn, both good and bad, and you have a real winner!

    Don’t write off the Morganville series, either. While it IS Young Adult, it is quite an interesting concept for a vampire series. They “own” the entire town. And if you end up there, say going to college, you can’t leave. Likely ever. But there are some great plot lines and vampire politics. And the main characters are endearing, brave, and funny. Plus there is a looney old vampire who looks like The Doors’ Jim Morrison, except for the fact that he often wanders around in faded madras plaid bermuda shorts and fuzzy bunny slippers. He is crazy, yes, but brilliant, and his lab is the source of many, many interesting things. Intrigued, yet? I’ve never steered you wrong, you know. Well…mostly never, anyway!


  3. lol, Oh, i have no problem with Ya books. In fact the series that i’m currently reading is ya, and i’m loving it! If a book is well written and the characters are interesting sign me in.
    I guess i’m just not a big fan of vampire books. Well, i follow quite a number of paranormal romance series, but vampires in urban fantasy, i guess i’ve only been reading the ones that have them as secondary characters _ exception made to VA.

    You’re right! 🙂 So far, lol, your book recommendations have been great! The only reason i still haven’t started Rob Thurman’s “Nightlife” is because, i first wanted to finish the “Weather Warden” series. But i guess one of this days, my curiosity will get the better of me. Well, thruthfully it already did, and i already read the first pages, and i really liked the way that one “sounded”. So i’m beting that one will be a winner as well.

    I guess when i associate vampires with urban fantasy, the book_ and tv _ series “True blood” comes to my mind _ i only read the first _ and things go downhill from there. Not my cup of tea, that one.


  4. True Blood is not my cup of tea, either, Susana. I dearly loved the Sookie Stackhouse early books. They were charming and funny, and Bill The Vampire was my dream vampity guy, with Eric adding that note of “Bad Boy” to the mix. But the tv series just went so far off the mark, I couldn’t watch it after Season 2. I tried. Season 1 was okay, Season 2 was hilarious, but Season 3 turned into a bloodbath of gore and silliness. I couldn’t stand it. Plus, even though I know it was the Alternate Sookie-verse, and had no bearing on the books any more, the characters just became SO unlikable. And worse yet, the last 3 books in the series were awful, too. Harris said the tv show would not affect her books at all, but I think it did. To me, she just totally lost her Mojo, and didn’t even seem to know who her characters were, any more. They began to behave in ways that weren’t even believable, much less like the characters we had learned to know and love. So I gave up on the books, too, and wrote my own happy ending in my head! Hahaha.

    Yeah, I know you are fine with YA books, and one day when you are caught up on other stuff, I’ll remind you again about Morganville. It’s really not at all like most other urban fantasy vampire books. It’s the kids I love the most, btw. There’s no hot, sexy vamp I’m drooling over, for sure. Not a single Dimitri Belikov in the bunch. It’s just such a good story of plucky kids, learning how to survive and outwit the bad guys. You might enjoy it more than you imagine, though each to his own.

    Now the Leandros Brothers are a whole different ballgame. OH, my, I love those two guys! And love how they take care of each other, and strive so hard to do the right thing, with Cal, kicking and screaming all the way, and zapping out his snarky one-liners, right and left. He makes me laugh. A LOT!!! You definitely HAVE to give those a try when you are ready. Poor Cal. He so badly hates what he is, and tries so hard to rise above genetics. I think Rob Thurman writes about brotherly love better than almost anyone I know, and yet she never makes it weird.

    And speaking of Rob Thurman, I finished All Seeing Eye last night and will be reviewing it later on. Hint: I liked it VERY much!



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