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The Dresden Files Novels by Jim Butcher

Chris McGrath's Cover Art for Jim Butcher's White Night Dresden Files Novel

Chris McGrath’s Cover Art for White Night

(Click to Zoom)

Aaah, Harry Dresden!  I hope some of you clicked on the image above, the better to see Chris McGrath’s wonderful cover painting of everyone’s favorite wizard!  (Grown up wizard, that is!)  If you DID take a close look, then you’ll likely understand why I love Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden so much.  Six and a half feet of pure, good-hearted chivalry, in a world where almost NONE exists, and wearing a long black duster, too!  Not to mention he carries a rune-covered magic staff and a blasting rod of flame and destruction!  Who WOULDN’T want this guy on their side?

With the release date of Cold Days coming up soon, I figured it’s time to talk about The Dresden Files, as a whole.  This is one of my most treasured urban fantasy series, EVER.  Maybe the best of ALL.  It has everything an urban fantasy fan could want:  wizards both good and evil, vampires of several interesting sorts, werewolves of varying types, demons, faeries with all their assorted political intrigues, and best of all, it has Bob the Skull.  Other than maybe the Creature from the Black Lagoon, pretty much all the magical, mysterious,  and supernatural types are represented.  And then, like the icing on the cake, the cherry atop the sundae, or the sweetness at the bottom of the pie, there’s Harry.

What to say about Harry…he’s everything you want in a hero.  Incredibly powerful, yet always principled.  Humble, and self-effacing, with a well-developed sense of Snark to carry him through the worst his world has to offer.  He’s imperfect, and knows it, but never lets his human frailties stop him from striving to do what’s Right, with a capital “R.”  He’s old-fashioned in the best sense, with a complete inability to treat a lady as anything but, right down to the nearly forgotten courtesy of opening doors for the women in his life…in spite of the fact that some of them don’t appreciate it.  He can’t help it.  He’s hard-wired to protect women and children, and it only makes him all the more endearing.  Just one of a long list of things that make him endearing, I might add.

When I read Storm Front,  the first Dresden book, I thought it was an interesting concept, with a very likable protagonist, who was worth reading more about.  As the books have progressed, I have always been glad that I discovered that first one.  Jim Butcher’s writing has gotten exponentially better and better over the span of the series, which covers 14 books (counting the soon to be released Cold Days), along with numerous short stories & some graphic novels.  Storm Front may have been a wee bit rough around the edges, but Butcher soon found his stride, and has allowed Harry & all his cohorts to evolve over the years.  The books have gotten richer and more intriguing, with more complex plot lines, and continued character development.  And they are just plain FUN.  Nothing makes me happier than to see a new Dresden Files book on the shelves.

If you like books about magic, wizards, danger, adventure, and supernatural bad guys galore–seasoned with humor, friendship, affection, and love–you can’t miss with The Dresden Files.  Start with Book 1, Storm Front, and enjoy the whole series, in the order listed below.  You’ll laugh, you’ll gasp, you may even cry.  I did.  (Of course, my husband says I cry at K-Mart openings, so you can’t always judge by that.)  But cry or not, you can’t do much better than to climb into Harry’s infamous Blue Beetle, and share the ride with Dresden and Crew.  And did I mention Bob the Skull?  Just one of the funniest characters, ever, is all!  That’s all I have to say about Bob.  Read the books.  You’ll see what I mean.

Chris McGrath's  Painting of Jim Butcher's Blood Rites Cover

Chris McGrath’s Cover Art for Blood Rites

(Click to Zoom)

Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1)

Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2)

Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, Book 3)

Summer Knight (Dresden Files, Book 4)

Death Masks (Dresden Files, Book 5)

Blood Rites: A Novel of the Dresden Files (Book 6)

Dead Beat (The Dresden Files, Book 7)

Proven Guilty (The Dresden Files, Book 8)

White Night (The Dresden Files, Book 9)

Small Favor (The Dresden Files, Book 10)

Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, Book 11)

Changes: A Novel of the Dresden Files (Book 12)

Ghost Story: A Novel of the Dresden Files (Book 13)

Cold Days: A Novel of the Dresden Files (Book 14)  Available for preorder)

If you decide to place an order with amazon, clicking through from my links will give me credit.  If you are enjoying  my reviews on Bookin’ It, it’s a great way to let me know!  Thanks!

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6 thoughts on “The Dresden Files Novels by Jim Butcher

  1. I’ve had several people refer this series to me, but I’ve never quite pulled the trigger on it. Maybe I’m just wary of starting another long series!


  2. I WOULD say the Dresden Files books are the reason I started reading Urban Fantasy, except that I actually started at the age of 12, when I read Dracula for the first time. (Some 56 years ago!) Okay, that’s probably not actually Urban Fantasy, but it WAS the first vampire story I ever read.

    There are definitely a lot of books in The Dresden Files series, but the good part about that is, you can read them back to back, and be all caught up in a week or two. And they’re like potato chips…you can’t read just ONE.

    I love funny characters, and I love Dresden’s whole world. And Harry, himself, has grown in wisdom and stature and general “goodness,” so that now, it seems like he’s teetering on the edge of some profound discovery. He has become like a part of my family, and I will be sad when the books are all done.

    I think you should give them a try. So far, I’ve hooked about 20 different friends on this series, and not one has been disappointed. This isn’t to say it’s for everyone, of course, but…the odds are good!

    If you do decide to try it, don’t forget that the first book, “Storm Front,” was actually started as a writing class project. It’s not that it’s BAD, but for me, it was more that I thought it had such great potential. Now, I wouldn’t miss a Dresden Files book for ANYTHING, especially as the series draws closer to an end.

    Besides…don’t you want to know more about Bob the Skull? He gets better and better, too!


  3. The Dresden files are some of the most entertaining reading,that I’ve ever read. What can I say, I’m hooked. Can’t wait to read the next …


  4. Oooh, me too, Felix! Cold Days is coming out soon. Did you see my post on it? It will be here in November! Yay!! Thanks for stopping by!


  5. I’ve read only the first two books in the series, and I’m eager to continue. I absolutely love the Voice Butcher writes with. He channels the best detective noir Voices from the 20s and 30s, and he does it in an urban fantasy setting. He’s such an entertaining read. I actually came to Butcher after reading his blurbs for another urban fantasy writer, Simon R Green, and the Nightside series. If you haven’t checked that one out, I highly suggest it as well.


    • OH, I love the Tales From The Nightside. I’ve reviewed them in general around here somewhere. Now, talk about noir! With a major creep factor, too. Those books are so much fun, and since they are short reads, I like to sandwich them in between bigger books.

      You have a whole world of entertainment ahead of you with The Dresden Files. Butcher’s writing gets better and better with every volume and the stories get more and more complex, as well. His world-building is excellent, and his ability to let his characters grow, while still having human failings, really makes the ride worthwhile.

      I will say that some of the noir aspects of Harry’s world morph into something slightly different over time, but given the scope of the story overall, it was almost inevitable. Harry is on the verge of becoming so much…MORE…than he was in the early books.

      I have laughed and cried many times over the duration of this series, and I can’t wait to see what the next book brings. I’ll be interested in hearing what you think as you get farther along in the series, too. Be sure to stop by back and comment as you go. Have fun! And thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Hope you’ll visit often.


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